Dynamic changes in the financial markets, competition in deals, sophisticated cross-border transactions, complex fund structures, valuation and reporting issues as well as increased public scrutiny are changing the landscape of private equity.

At SARC, we provide Venture capital financing services to start ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs and assist them in incorporating as well as expanding their ventures. We provide them investment advice and guidance on working with angel investors, venture capitalists and venture capital funds.

Our professionals provide assistance in analyzing alternative fund structures and selecting an appropriate structure based on the commercial objectives of the clients. Furthermore, we also guide our clients in creating strong projects and applications that will attract grant funding from government or non-government sources.

Our services include:

  • Private Equity
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Venture Capital
  • Grants
  • Strategic Planning
  • Analysis of Financial Performance
  • Developing Business and Financial Models
  • Monitoring Portfolio Companies